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John Noah (aka Can Yikmis) is a project of dance music industry. Music provides the “soundtrack” of our lives. So much so that I think many of us take it for granted. Music penetrates almost every part of our lives: our rest, our entertainment, our education, and our worship. So inspiring Noah and putting music into it he is uniting people by music.

Besides his DJ set, when he is performing Live he adds new values of the performance with acts for showing music can be the boundaries between people.

He was sponsored to play Future/Progressive House, Future Bass, Electro House, Bigroom sets which he sharply forms depending on the time, the venue and the crowd. His unique mixing style cemented his fan-base,
where he is still frequently invited to play gigs in different cities. His creativity and talent was appreciated by the crowds.

Maybe, it’s his professionalism, friendly charm, and cool demeanor… Perhaps, it’s in his inniate ability to recognize the needs of any diverse auidience. Conceivably, the secret has got to be within his massive music collection. Or simply the answer lies within all of the above combined with a passion to entertain his audience’s needs.

Wondering what the buzz is all about? It’s time to tune in and find out.